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White Papers


Better Pixels in Professional Projectors – This white paper will provide an overview of a range of video enhancements that are emerging now in the consumer TV and professional AV industries.


Barco Laser Solutions – Barco Laser Solutions provide the foundation for unsurpassed theatrical exhibition, applying transformational solid-state projection technology to our passion for cinema.


Draper Canada

AV Mounts and Structures – Draper’s AV Mounts and Structures Take a New Approach.


Draper Canada

Ambient Light Rejection – Ambient light rejection (ALR) projection screen technology has been around for a while now.


Draper Canada

Ultra HD vs 4K – Don’t be confused by the jargon—Draper can assist you in making an informed choice.


Draper Canada

Ambient Light Commercial Settings – Public spaces, multi-purpose areas, and large venues can offer real challenges to a projection system—not least because of ambient light issues and a typical need for wide viewing angles.



Extending USB 3.0 Camera Operation in Machine Vision Applications with ExtremeUSB® Technology – A discussion on how to overcome USB 3.0’s distance limitation for machine vision applications.


Listen Technolgies

A Guide to Assistive Listening – Hearing loss is caused by a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: congenital, illness, injury, or progressive loss due to excessive or prolonged exposure to loud noise.


Projection Screen Academy – Using the right projection screen for an installation is an important part of AV planning. As the market for projectors is moving rapidly to high resolution, the projection screen is now a more vital component than ever.

Case studies

Anchor – Sound System

Beacon 2 – After speaking with the company, shopping for the perfect sound system finally came to an end; he knew Element Skateboards needed a Beacon.



Anchor – Outdoor Event Amplification

Liberty and Beacon Packages – With this six unit configuration, the whole event had plenty of sound coverage, which was all controlled by a sound board provided by Spy.


Anchor – Outdoor Portable Sound System

Bigfoot Portable Sound Systems – Erik quickly discovered that Anchor Audio could best support and serve all of his needs, all while staying in his budget.


Barco – Projection Screens

UDX-4K40 Projectors – The iconic split flap display in the terminal is now framed with wintery scenes, and in Pier A the walls of the lavatories along the walkway are also decorated with animated Christmas content and warm wishes for the upcoming holidays.



Draper – Portable Projection Screens

Projection Screens – A new concept in portable screens leads to high ROI.



Draper – Large Video Wall Displays

Custom AV Solutions – NEC event showcases Draper’s custom capabilities and more.


Draper – Projection Screens

StageScreen® – StageScreen® is a modular truss system concept in projection screen design that saves money and adds flexibility.


Carousel – Digital Signage in Modern Art Wing

65-inch Sharp LCD Monitors – Digital signage for the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Premier Mounts – Video Wall

NEC 55-Inch Ultra Narrow Bezel Monitors – Creating a Video-Wall for a Sports Network.


Premier Mounts – Custom Mounts

50” LCD Displays – Reflect and Premier Mounts Monetize Waiting Spaces for Cedar Fair.


Premier Mounts – LED Video Walls

Samsung’s IF Models of LED Cabinets – A trio of companies come together to create a visually immersive sports book for one of the biggest casinos in Nevada.


Premier Mounts – Video Wall Mounts

P RF-M and P 4263TP – Takes center ice at Scottrade Center.


Yamaha – Digital Audio System

MRX7-D Processor, EXi8 Input Expander, Tio1608-D I/O Units, XMV8140-D Power Amplifiers – Yamaha CIS Enhances The Visitor Experience At Charles de Gaulle Memorial.


Zeevee – AV Distribution

HDbridge (HDb) Series High-Performance Solution – AV Distribution for Broadcast Studios. Application Note: Broadcast Markets.


Zeevee – HD Video Distribution

Televisions with HD Distribution – AV Distribution for University Campuses – University of Kansas.



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