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Carousel is a cloud based digital signage software that allows multiple users to quickly create, publish and manage messages to students, staff or customers any place, any time.

Clear communication starts with Carousel.

Carousel Signage in Education

  • School Safety
    Leverage connected classroom tech
    Schools look towards solutions that fit with their connected classroom initiatives to bring fast, effective communication into the spaces where students are: the classroom.
  • Connect
    Collaborate & inform with Carousel in the classroom
    A connected classroom is a space where students and teachers can effortlessly share, collaborate, and inform each other using tools that enhance the experience without standing in the way.
  • Build Community
    Foster social hubs through Carousel
    We know the best schools have strong communities supporting them. Bringing students, parents, alumni, and the community at large together leads to better funding, recruitment, and retention.

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Carousel Signage in Manufacturing

  • Retention
    Respect and value.
    Create a sense of community with digital signage that will boost employee confidence and help improve retention.
  • Safety
    Improve awareness on the factory floor.
    Safety protocols and instructions, accident free days and training. Communication is key and targeted messaging to the floor helps improve awareness and keep everyone aligned.
  • Ease of use
    Easy to deploy, safe & secure
    Keep employees feeling informed, safe and secure whether they’re working from the factory floor or at the corporate office.

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Carousel Signage in Corporate

  • Collaboration Spaces
    Utilize resources you already have in place.
    Bring digital signage into your conference rooms with Mersive, Zoom and Apple TV turning your conference rooms into instant collaboration spaces.
  • Extend Your Reach
    Help people feel welcomed, informed & connected.
    Digital Signage for employee communication keeps people in the loop whether they’re working from the office, home, or coffee shop by extending signage to these locations.
  • Adapt
    Keep your space fresh.
    Your signage can instantly switch content for changing scenarios. Co-working space by day, art gallery by night. Digital signage is a great way to keep your office space agile.

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Carousel Signage in Healthcare

  • Connect
    Help people feel welcomed, informed & connected.
    Reach staff, patients and visitors throughout your facility in waiting rooms, patient rooms, cafeterias and breakrooms delivering location specific information to each location.
  • Enhance
    Create a better patient experience.
    Enhance the patient room experience with tailored content delivered to Apple TV and iPad.
  • Empower
    Deliver information directly to the patient.
    Empower patients and give them the opportunity to live full and productive lives by delivering education and entertainment content directly to their fingertips.

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