Management of visual content in real time.

From a Control Room to an Auditorium, from a Classroom to a Meeting Room. From a digital signage kiosk at the shopping mall to a mission critical workstation on a Power Plant. Multivis has a solution that suits your needs. Multivis is software. Multivis is IT. Multivis is live content over IP on your display.

MultiVis Solutions

MultiVis Control

Manage every graphic source on your displays. Dashboards, real-time IP cameras, create presets – and launch it at the right time. Schedule, synchronize, trigger events, and control the environment and the equipment. Discover what Multivis Control can offer for your project.

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MultiVis Meeting

Multivis Meeting is a practical, flexible, and simple wireless solution for Meeting and Crisis Rooms. It combines all the necessary conferencing and collaboration tools into a single device, focusing on a simple user experience. Book the room and schedule a meeting, share your desktop or applications, and use your preferred video conferencing platform, all with one click away.

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MultiVis Cockpit

MultiVis Cockpit is designed for Control Room Operators. Its high resolution and live content canvas allow users to open as many applications as needed, recalling presets on the fly on a dynamic workflow. The tool integrates and unifies enterprise systems such as ERPs, CRMs, collaboration tools, remote desktops, and virtual machines to other operators and the local or remote video walls.

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