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Humly Room Display

The Humly Room Display simplifies meeting room management and enhances collaboration. It offers an intuitive interface that clearly indicates booked rooms and their durations, minimizing disruptions during meetings. With its sleek and timeless design, it seamlessly integrates into any modern office environment, providing a hassle-free solution for efficient room reservations and improved productivity.

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Humly Booking Device

The Humly Booking Device offers real-time availability status and allows instant booking via its user-friendly touch screen interface. Integrated with the Humly Workplace Solutions suite, it ensures seamless compatibility and centralized management. With its compact design and high-resolution display, this versatile device can be mounted anywhere for convenient access to booking functionalities.

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Humly Wayfinding

Humly Wayfinding is developed to give some of that wasted time back. Just like the airport departure board shows a list of flights in chronological order, the Humly Wayfinding screen shows a list of meetings where the ongoing meeting shows at the top followed by the ones that are about to start and further down meetings later in the day.

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Humly Floor Plan

Humly Floor Plan saves office workers and their guests a whole lot of
time and frustration. And facility managers get an overview of usage
status in real time, any time.

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Humly Visitor

Receive your visitors with the welcoming simplicity of Humly Visitor. Let them check-in and approve of terms and conditions on any chosen screen, using a clean and elegant user interface.

The new system can be used on a tablet and a printer can be connected to it for badge printing and SMS alerts can be used when a visitor arrives and checks in.

The backend can be used to track visitor flows for security and better workplace optimization.

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Humly Reservations

Reducing frustration and distractions is the key to modern workplace success. Just like the rest of the Humly Workplace Solutions, Humly Reservations simplifies everyday office life with clean, helpful and intuitive technology.

Desk Booking and Room Booking is made easy using Humly Reservations from Humly Control Panel.

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