Be there as a hologram

ARHT is a pioneering global leader in live hologram technology. ARHT captures, transmits, and beams presenters as lifelike holograms to appear remotely in one or multiple places at once and deliver memorable interactions with an in-person audience.
Be there as a hologram.
ARHT. Empowering you to make an unforgettable impact.

Experience a new level of engagement, enhancing your business presentations, educational seminars, entertainment events, retail experiences or marketing efforts. The ARHT CAPSULE display generates immersive and unforgettable experiences that will leave a lasting impression.


Discover the most lifelike and lifesized interactive 3D holographic display elevating your presentations and conversations.

Product Features:

– For live, pre-recorded, and 3D presentations
– 4K resolution interactive touchscreen
– Plug & play system
– Motion sensor included
– Easily integrate QR codes
– Works in all light conditions
– Easy to relocate and set up

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ARHT Capture Studio

ARHT Capture Studio

Whether capturing live holograms or pre-recorded sessions, ARHT Capture Studio is the all-in-one setup you need.

Product Features:
– Confidence monitor
– Multiple audience monitors
– Low-heat LED softbox lightning
– 4K camera
– For both live or pre-recorded events or meetings
– Includes AV, lighting, and backdrop equipment
– Can be set up as fixed installation or used as a travel kit

ARHT Show Window Max™

ARHT Show Window Max™

For retailers and corporates, The ARHT Show Window Max™️ is the largest holographic screen in the world delivering a customer experience that transcends reality, larger than life.

Product Features:

– 4K 86″ transparent LCD Displays
– Available in 3 or 4 panels
– Light sensor & speakers
– Plug & play system
– For live and prerecorded content
– Audience facing camera in each module
– CMS by ARHT Engine
– Dimensions: can contain a life-size car!

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