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Video processors and distribution

With more than 30 years of experience in the AV industry, tvONE has a proven track record for developing innovative solutions that deliver exceptional experiences, manufacturing high quality, ingenious products for video processing, signal management and racking and delivering world class customer service in a wide range of vertical markets.

Video Wall Processors & Multi-Window Processors

Video walls can be used to combine several displays together to make larger displays or to be arranged in a creative layout for a more creative approach.


Optimized for 4K60 environments and is 8K ready. Display up to 40 4K video windows with no visible latency and up to 56 outputs in a 4RU. Includes More Pixels Than You Will Ever Need!

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Powerful stand-alone video wall processor for expansive 1080p installations which can also display up to five 4K video windows and up to 56 outputs in 4RU.

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CORIOmaster mini

Compact form factor for smaller 1080p solutions with the ability to add two 4K video windows and up to 10 outputs.

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CORIOmaster micro

Ultra-compact, half-width 1RU processor for up to four outputs with 1080p environment with some 4K connectivity. Integrated front button panel for ease of use for switcher applications.

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Video Scalers, Switchers & Format Converters

Fast switching – anything in, anything out.

Enjoy painless signal management whatever your source or display. Digital, broadcast or analog: we’ve got it covered with our wide range of solutions. For the ultimate experience, go above and beyond with switcher/scalers that not only include scaling and format conversion, but also add advanced features including multi-window video, audio management, keying, still stores and logo layers.

All Video Scalers, Switcher & Format Converters

All TvOne Video Scalers, Switcher & Format Converters are available from DataVisual.

  • Offering Extensive Range
  • Glitch Free Switching
  • Seamless Scaling
  • Faultless Format Conversion

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Matrix Routers

Matrixes are all about flexibility in switching signals around your facility to offer the biggest choice. However, in today’s challenging AV world you want more flexibility with video and audio routing than ever before. Routing Switchers allow multiple signal sources to be routed to destinations without moving input and output cables.


Universal I/O Scaling Matrix Router up to 32 ports. A 4RU, high performance modular video matrix switching system which supports cross conversion and scaling of nearly every video format.

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CORIOmatrix mini

Scaling Matrix Router, C3-310. A 1RU, high performance modular video matrix switching system which supports cross conversion and scaling of nearly every video format.

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Mounting Systems

Maximize system reliability, speed up installs and lengthen product life cycles. Universal or dedicated tvONE solutions: we have got it covered with a wide range of elegant and robust racking, power and cooling solutions including the revolutionary ONErack platforms.


Rack it, Power it and Cool it with ONErack – a universal, modular rack mount system that vastly improves installation of small, DC powered devices.

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ONErack Spider

Optimize any installation while also providing reliable power to support a mix of 7 different voltage options; 5v, 7.5v, 9v, 12v, 13.5v, 18v, and 24v.

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Rackmountable Power

Universal, rack mount Power supplies in single or dual DC voltages to provide reliable, high density power.

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