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However you choose to deploy processing, Solaro provides a right-size for your room.


Deliver exceptional audio quality to every space with the ultra-small-footprint Solaro QR1, a PoE-powered digital signal processor with eight user-configured I/O card slots.

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Deliver premium collaboration experiences without the cost. Solaro FR1 is a 1U 16-card-slot DSP with modular I/O functionality that can evolve to meet your future requirements, while benefiting from the processing power to drive multiple rooms over an installed CatX network.

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Solaro XC-SGP Card

Solaro XC-SGP is a four-channel general-purpose input/output (GPIO) card for Solaro Series processors.

The XC-SGP offers the ability to command third-party products and peripherals that are non-networked through both logic or voltage. It is software-selectable for either input or output functionality.

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Solaro XC-SUB Card

Solaro XC-SUB is a 2×2 (send/receive) USB audio card for Solaro Series processors.

The XC-SUB offers volume and mute status sync for Microsoft Teams and connects over a USB 2.0, Class 1 Audio Type B female connector. Solaro XC-SUB is an essential for conferencing, education and hybrid applications demanding high quality computer-based audio, leveraging Xilica proprietary signal processing algorithms and HearClear acoustic echo cancellation.

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Solaro XC-SLO Card

Solaro XC-SLO is a two-channel analog audio output card for Solaro Series processors.


The XC-SLO offers 32-bit D/A conversion and features six-position 3.5mm screw terminals. Solaro XC-SLO ships with mini-Phoenix (female) connectors.

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Solaro XC-SML Card

Solaro XC-SML is a two-channel analog audio input card for Solaro Series processors.


The XC-SML incorporates switchable microphone/line level functionality with optional 48V Phantom power (up-to 75mA with Power-over-Ethernet). It offers 32-bit A/D conversion and features six-position 3.5mm screw terminals. Solaro XC-SML ships with mini-Phoenix (female) connectors.

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Hear clearly, wherever you are. Unlike traditional speakers, Sonia is based entirely on CatX cable — enabling quick, easy installation with no messy termination or bulky copper wire. It enables everyone to deploy great audio in their space, without worrying about their setup.


Exceptional audio quality Sonia C5 incorporates a soft, silk-domed tweeter for smooth tonality and a 5.25” low-frequency transducer to give the ideal size-to-sound ratio for modern meeting spaces. Sonia C5’s wide, even dispersion pattern enables fewer speakers in large spaces.

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Sonia Amp

Running like a standard IT appliance, Sonia Amp enables centralized monitoring, management and control without the cost of individually-addressable speakers.

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Network Endpoints

Networked AV allows you to leverage standard network infrastructure to route audio and video signals across your facility.


Gio USB is a surface-mount USB-to-Dante endpoint, designed to bridge the gap between IT and AV by allowing connection of laptops and room PCs to a networked AV system. Supporting hybrid work and BYOM, Gio USB offers driverless compatibility with leading soft-codec platforms, including two-way volume and mute sync for Microsoft Teams, allowing control of room audio over HID.

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Gio Bluetooth

Leveraging the extended range and exceptional quality of Bluetooth 5.0 Class 2 technology, Gio Bluetooth connects personal peripherals such as smartphones, iPads and laptops to an in-room AV system with IT management functionality.

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Leveraging Dante audio over-IP technology, Gio XLR is a dual-gang in-wall endpoint with a single cable installation for both power and data. It offers a 2×2 input/output combination using Neutrik-brand connectors, with mic/line switching and software-selected 48V Phantom power, making Gio XLR a versatile bridge between audio and IT.

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User Interfaces

Streamlined control of your space.


Sleek and seamless interaction with a networked wall remote, featuring recessed rotary control and multi-lingual OLED.

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Feature-rich functionality from a network-based touch control that offers advanced interactivity for managing audio, video and infrastructure.

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