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CTS: LED Technology and Support Structures

This course introduces the basic concepts of LED technology and the elements that go into a proper support structure. It’s worth 1 RU/CTS Learning Unit.

CTS: Present an Experience—Using Projection Properly

This course covers the factors to consider when selecting or specifying a projection screen, and the best solutions to address those factors. You’ll also learn how to select a screen that conforms to standardized ANSI/INFOCOMM 3M-2011.

This hour-long class is worth 1 RU/CTS Learning Unit.

CTS: Acumen® Projection Screens

This class is a deep dive into the Acumen® family of projection screens by Draper®. It covers features and benefits of each Acumen® version, including power and control options, available viewing surface materials, and proper selection of the right surface.

Because this is a branded course, the 1-hour class earns 0.5 RU/CTS Learning Units.

CTS: Foundation—The Bedrock of LED Installation
This course is also a deep dive, but this time the topic is the Draper® Foundation® Mount for LED. We take participants behind the screens to demonstrate how the Foundation was designed with installers in mind. Topics covered include features and benefits, applications, and quotes and shipping.

Because this is a branded course, the 1-hour class earns 0.5 RU/CTS Learning Units.

CEDIA: Shade Fabric Selection: A Performance-Based Approach
In the custom install/residential market, most window shade fabrics are chosen mainly for looks. But fabric performance should also be considered, and that’s the subject of this CEDIA course.

This hour-long class earns 0.5 CEDIA Education Units.

ClearOne Webinar Training

July 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 21, 25, 27, 28
8:00 am
Virtual Session

Instructor-led and live webinar training are core parts of ClearOne’s commitment to provide its global network of integration partners with the highest quality of educational support.

ClearOne believes that there is simply no substitute for direct human interaction on technical subjects. It leads to a much better understanding of how to realize the full benefits of the company’s professional audio, video, streaming and collaboration solutions for customers.

The July schedule includes dedicated classes on CONVERGENCE® AV Manager Certification, AV Conferencing Certification, Pro Audio Conferencing Certification, Advanced Pro Audio Conferencing Certification, UNITE® 180 Camera Training, Design Library Training, DIALOG® 10 USB Microphone Training, CONSOLE® AI Software Configuration Certification and Versa™ Mediabar Training.




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