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Visual collaboration software that transforms hybrid team communication.

Work From Anywhere with T1V.
T1V is a visual collaboration company specializing in hybrid collaboration software for enterprise and education markets. The company’s collaboration platform includes ThinkHub collaboration for global teams and the T1V app – all working cohesively to bring teams together for seamless, intuitive working sessions.


ThinkHub helps teams work better, together. Whether your teams are in the same room, spread across different global sites, or are connecting from home – ThinkHub supports all of the different ways you work:

  • Brainstorming and ideation sessions
  • Collaboration and working sessions
  • Presentation creation and delivery
  • Strategic planning and data visualization
  • Prototyping agile improvement
  • Agile improvement processes and iteration
  • Architecture + design planning and management
  • Virtual selling

Enhance your ThinkHub experience:

ThinkHub MultiSite™ – Real-time, room-to-room collaboration for up to 10 ThinkHub locations at a time. These globally shared sessions can be saved and resumed at any time, reducing the amount of time required for post-meeting follow-ups and pre-meeting preparation.

ThinkHub Agile™ – Suite of digital tools that enhance lean-agile and design thinking collaboration at all levels. Go from daily team-level ceremonies all the way to five iteration and quarterly big room planning utilizing a fully digital workspace.

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T1V Hub™

Wirelessly screen share from anywhere onto a single display for seamless group meetings. Power your presentations, projects, or meetings that require hybrid teams to view multiple pieces of content at once, the Hub keeps you connected and on track.

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T1V Story™

Every organization has a story to tell. Engage your audience with a fully-branded experience on T1V touchscreen software.
  • Interactive Map – Share your brand’s global impact with targeted geography.
  • Interactive Timeline – Tell your brand history through key milestones of the past, present, and future
  • Product Lines – Visually communicate your brand’s product and services offering.
  • Interactive Image – Add interaction to static images with highlighted key messaging points like features, benefits, or specifications.

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Evolve your education space with hybrid active learning technology.
Build a Hybflex learning environment that supports a variety of teaching + learning styles. ThinkHub Education provides instructors a powerful presentation tool, while enabling them to monitor and provide feedback on student work in real time.

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