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Since the early 70’s Televic Conference manufactures the most innovative systems for moderated meetings. Its complete range of conference solutions, designed and manufactured in Europe, simplifies decision-making by improving the meeting experience. Meetings become more efficient with crystal-clear sound, pristine video, and a clear focus. From the largest international institutions over local parliaments and city councils to boardrooms: Televic Conference drives successful on-site and hybrid meetings, worldwide.

Conference Solutions

Confero MEET

Designed for Hybrid Meetings. Include remote participants using the Confero. MEET interface get a view on the discussed agenda topic and have the possibility to view the complete meeting agenda.

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Plixus network

Meet the Plixus network. Get unparalleled flexibility and cutting-edge features. From smaller audio-only rooms to complex large-scale multimedia projects.

  • Wired

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Bring participants in smaller and medium-sized meetings closer together with a wired digital discussion system. Enjoy the benefits of large discussion systems in a simple and easy-to-use package.

  • Plug & Play

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Confidea FLEX G4

Televic Conference is confident to call its fourth-generation solution the “best-in-class wireless conference system”. Based on standard WiFi5 technology, the system uses a combination of advanced techniques to improve the quality and reliability of the signal reception.

  • Wireless

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Lingua IR

Use infrared language distribution to reach every member in the audience in their native language. Lingua IR is easy to set up, flexible to configure, and highly secure. Combine it with the Lingua Interpreter Desk make multilingual meetings a breeze.


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Better meetings and better decisions start with getting participants closer together. Camera tracking closes the gap between people by letting everyone see and understand each other in close-up. T-Cam gives you an easy way to install camera tracking, to create talking heads, and to configure different views.

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Unite is a digital wireless communication system that allows people to communicate and interact with each other in a wide range of applications such as guided tourswireless presentationsassistive listening and blind coverageeducation and interpretation and language distribution.

The future-proof, wireless transmission platform in DECT standard means the system can be used without certification and licence fees. You need not to worry about frequencies – that are region-dependent – as the system itself automatically controls robust and encrypted transmission. This allows up to 32 groups to be integrated in parallel, and its wide operating range and long operating time offer completely stable transmission conditions.

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Case Studies

Deutsche Börse chooses Televic as best-in-class boardroom conferencing solution

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Televic’s uniCOS tabletop units facilitate plenary deliberation sessions in the General Court of the European Union

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Renewal of a local government meeting system at Strathcona County

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Futureproof meeting technology for Beringen’s new city hall

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