Infrastructure, AV switching and control


Infrastructure products, control systems, video switching and audio switching products.


Smart Way Technology

On-floor wire management system, designed to be installs on top of any flooring with a quick and effortless installation. The Smart-Way provides three compartments of capacity and access to power, data and A/V connectivity options. The Smart-Way is a simple, affordable and effective way to clean up messy cables and wires

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Floor Boxing

FSR Floor Boxes are designed with high quality materials, insuring the longevity with your infrastructure in mind. Made of all steel construction, FSR floor boxes are built for physically demanding environments.


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Wall Boxes

Reliable connections and wire management are easily achieved with FSR’s  variety of wall box solutions, intended for both commercial and residential environments.

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Table Box

Our conference table connectivity boxes provide single or multiple av inputs and power options. FSR offers a large variety of Clamp-On, Under-Table, In-Table options and 12 different color combinations.

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Ceiling Boxes

Ceiling Boxes provide a quick and easy access to power, data and A/V connections that’s hidden and unobtrusive. FSR’s ceiling boxes provides you with a secure location area for mounting your A/V and display components.

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