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Founded in 2014 in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, they’ve always seen themselves as more than a company; they’re a collective of dreamers, creators, and storytellers.

PTZOptics’ roots are in a visionary team of engineers from a renowned audio-visual integration firm who set out with a bold dream: revolutionizing how stories are told and making high-quality video accessible to all.

Their journey has been constant innovation, challenging conventions, and transforming the broadcast industry with their state-of-the-art pan, tilt, and zoom camera solutions. But at their core, they’re about enabling connections—helping individuals and organizations across the globe to share their visions, stories, and truths.

Cameras & Bundles

Move 4K

The Move 4K is the latest PTZ camera from PTZOptics, featuring auto-tracking for a more intelligent video production workflow. The Move 4K is capable of 4K at 60fps (1080p at 60fps over SDI), future-proofing your technology investment while still accommodating HD and Full HD video resolutions equipment. The Move 4K offers high performance in low-light scenarios, PoE+ capabilities, and a built-in tally light.

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Move SE

The PTZOptics Move SE combines HDMI, SDI, USB and IP outputs – with native NDI® coming soon – all into a single camera. Ideal for live streaming and video production, the Move SE offers high-quality video with a resolution of 1080p at 60fps. And with SONY CMOS image sensors, you can count on great image quality even in low-light scenarios.

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Producer Bundles

Dive into the PTZOptics Producer bundles, our easy to setup systems, tailored for every production aspiration. Choose from the 1080p resolution Producer-SE or elevate your vision with the 4K-ready Producer-4K. Each bundle is 100% PoE-ready for easy setup and breakdown or permanent installation. Share your vision with a trio of 20X PTZ cameras, ensuring close-up shots even from afar.

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Link 4K

With Dante AV-H™ and the latest in auto-tracking capabilities, the Link 4K fits easily into even the most complex Dante design or workflow. The Link 4K combines broadcast quality with Dante’s simple discovery, set up and management, simplifying and professionalizing any video production installation.

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Studio Pro

The Studio Pro is an excellent addition to any video system, especially if you already have a PTZ camera. Use PTZ cameras for dynamic, action-focused shots, and rely on the Studio Pro to deliver stable cutaways or close-ups. Its versatile design accommodates various filming scenarios, capturing subjects within 30 feet with exceptional clarity. An invaluable asset in team-based production, it excels in different camera roles for successful outcomes.

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ZCam Cameras

ZCams are “box” cameras meant for static, point-of-view shots and specialized applications, such as surveillance and monitoring. Designed to capture specific areas, these sturdy cameras, combined with our traditional PTZ cameras, provide more angle options for video production.

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EPTZ Cameras

EPTZ cameras are electronic pan, tilt and zoom cameras. Instead of a robotic movement, built-in EPTZ functionality simulates pan, tilt, and zoom operations inside of a large resolution pixel space. For example, in a 4K image space using EPTZ, users have the ability to create multiple unique 1920 by 1080 pixel scenes.

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Introducing the PTZOptics Webcam-80, designed for video production and live streaming! Our Full-HD webcam comes with professional-grade video control options for white balance, contrast, shutter speed, iris and more… all available in the size of webcam.

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Serial Joystick G4

  • 7 Camera Quick-Select Buttons
  • Iris, Shutter, & Gain Knobs
  • Focus & PTZ Speed Knobs, Plus Focus Lock
  • OSD Menu Control
  • 10 Quick-Call Presets via Alphanumeric Buttons
  • Modes for all users, including Basic, Basic PTZ, and Matrix mode

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Serial/IP Joystick G4

Compatible with most PTZ cameras operating serial or IP protocol, including Sony, the PT-JOY-G4 is a legacy-friendly controller designed to easily integrate into a wide array of existing production systems, and even allows users to switch between protocols with the touch of a button.

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SuperJoy Joystick

PTZ camera joystick controller designed for smooth, efficient production workflows. The SuperJoy takes remote pan, tilt, and zoom camera operations to the next level in a simplified user interface with advanced controls for power users.

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Camera Cables

Use our DB9 serial control cabling with PTZ controllers like the Serial Joystick. Extend the DB9 output to the first PTZ camera in your control system then daisy-chain your setup with the 8-pin, mini-din, cascade cables on the PTZ cameras “out” port for camera controls. Serial-control cabling is the ideal for super-low latency connectivity to avoid having to  “home run” cabling to every camera in your system.

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Wireless Cables

Live video production extended wirelessly up to 400 meters (1,300 feet) & up to one mile in daisy-chain mode!

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Wall Mounts

These modern PTZ camera wall mounts will exceed your expectations and deliver a reliable mounting solution you can count on.

The universal design includes an industry-standard quarter-twenty (1/4-20) camera attachment that works with most small based SONY, Panasonic, DataVideo, Vaddio, and PTZOptics cameras. The mount is available in both white and black for seamless design aesthetics. These Camera Wall Mounts are designed to mount directly to most walls or standard U.S. double-gang boxes with the supplied hardware included with each product.

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Pole Mounts

Find the ideal mounting location for your PTZ cameras with PTZOptics Pole Mounts.

PTZOptics camera pole mounts are made in Pennsylvania from high-quality steel. The finished product is available with a white powder coat finish, which is designed to provide a durable product that will last you many years. This mount features the industry-standard 1/4″-20 (Quarter-Twenty) mounting screw connection, and will work with all PTZOptics cameras in addition to most small based SONY, Panasonic, Vaddio, Cisco, Polycom, DataVideo and Lumens cameras. With a ten-year warranty on every mount, we stand behind the quality of these camera mounts. For the Move 4K 30X & Link 4K 30X, please use the PT-PM-3.

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Ceiling Mounts

This PTZOptics ceiling mount is designed to support most small-based PTZ cameras and securely mount them to any surface with the supplied hardware. This mount features a universal design that works with many SONY, Panasonic, Cisco, Polycom, Vaddio, HuddleCamHD, Lumens, and DataVideo cameras. For the Move 4K 30X & Link 4K 30X, use the PT-CM-3.

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Outdoor Enclosures

PTZOptics cameras are rated for indoor use, but with Dotworkz professional outdoor camera enclosures you can take your broadcast-quality cameras into the great outdoors. If you only need to mount your camera indoors, check out our PTZ camera mounts here. Using the Dotworkz camera enclosure solutions, PTZOptics can now offer vandal-proof, IP68 rated, outdoor enclosures we can verify work for many scenarios. These enclosures are weathertight and designed for a variety of outdoor installations. You can choose from simple vandal-proof enclosures ideal for protecting your cameras from rain or more advanced enclosures with built-in heater and blower systems. Heater and blower systems can eliminate fog and condensation that can accumulate on enclosure lenses during changing seasons and various weather patterns.

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