Introducing: Yamaha’s Video Collaboration Systems

Yamaha CS-500 CS-800

Make meetings dynamic and engaging for all with Yamaha’s CS-800 Video Sound Bar and CS-500 Video Collaboration System. Featuring Yamaha’s SoundCap Eye technology, the newly-developed hexa-microphone, Smart Framing, one USB Connection, and a dual remote interface.

Yamaha’s new CS-800 and CS-500 Video Collaboration Systems utilize the latest AI technology to combine voice and video data to deliver the most accurate, real-time hybrid collaboration experience. With its Easy Launch feature and multiple mounting options, the new CS Series products are made for use in any environment – even noisy, open office spaces. Collaborate and connect easily without hassle.

Seamless Tracking with SoundCap Eye:

  • Video soundbar pinpoints participants speaking in open spaces by combining audio and video data.
  • Narrows in on in-meeting voices and blocks out unwanted background noise.
  • Adjusts speaker output according to ambient room noise to maintain an appropriate volume level. (CS-800 speaker, CS-500 attached monitor speaker)
  • Unifies three unique Yamaha technologies: Face Focus Beamforming, Self-Silence, and Self-Volume Balancer

The Latest in Participant Positioning Technology:

  • Newly developed Hexa-Microphone captures the exact lateral and linear location of the speaking voice.
  • Once voices are detected, AI algorithms recognize faces within the meeting area.
  • Face Focus Beamforming, combines Hexa-Microphone information and video AI to accurately deliver audio from speakers in open meeting spaces. (Max Face Focus Beamforming Distance: 3m)

Auto Frame Relevant Participants with Smart Framing:

  • Smart Framing supports 3 modes:
    • Group: Frame all participants in the meeting
    • Speaker: Frame the current speaker
    • Individual: Frame a specific user selected (or automatically selected) person
  • The CS-800 & CS-500 also allows users to manually select the frame (ePTZ). (Max distance: 6m)

Designed for Effortless User Experience:

  • Auto Easy Display Launch with on-screen user guide and one USB connection.
  • Dual Remote Interface for mute, volume, manual camera framing and zoom.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Tabletop, Wall Mount, TV Mount using included accessories.
  • Seamless connectivity with all popular remote-conferencing software. Supports Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android operating systems.