Barco Extends Compatibility with New Lumens Intelligent Tracking Technology

Barco, a global technology company, has approved Lumens® Digital Optics Inc.’s latest AI-based cameras and voice-tracking technologies for use with ClickShare Conference. The newly validated devices include VC-TR30 HD and VC-TR60 4K auto-tracking PTZ cameras, along with CamConnect Pro and MS-10S voice-tracking meeting room solutions.

This collaboration aims to enhance meeting equity and engagement for remote audiences by automating meeting room and presentation cameras. Lumens’ AI customers can benefit from a seamless experience with ClickShare Conference products, contributing to cost savings for organizations.

The integration includes voice-tracking solutions (CamConnect Pro and MS-10S) that focus on live voices in a meeting space and professional auto-tracking PTZ cameras (VC-TR30 and VC-TR60) that accurately follow presenters’ movements, transforming distance learning, online training, and conference production. This partnership emphasizes the role of technology in effective collaboration, particularly in hybrid meetings, promoting equal opportunities for all participants.

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