Professional loudspeakers and PA sound systems

NEXO has been designing ground-breaking sound reinforcement solutions at its Parisian headquarters since 1979. Today, NEXO is a strategic business unit of Yamaha Corporation, a convergence of technological expertise that facilitates full integration of speaker and amplifier control, and console management of PA systems over the latest and most popular digital networking protocols.


STM Series

From a simple ground stack to a massive stadium system, STM (Scale Through Modularity) delivers a new level of versatility enabling contractors to design a wide range of systems from just four core modules.

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Small, medium and large systems, each with a dedicated sub, share the same sonic signature and flexible, cost-efficient power and processing solution.

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P+ Series

The P+ Series sets new performance standards for compact, point source loudspeakers, along with new levels of versatility – thanks to an ingenious system for varying HF coverage patterns.

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ID series

Directivity control is key to the superior performance of NEXO’s ID Series speakers. Column, compact and super-compact speakers share the same sonic signature, making it possible to create thrilling and immersive sonic experiences in the most complex acoustic environments.

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EPS Series

The ePS Series builds on NEXO’s industry-standard PS platform to create a new, ‘no frills’, IP54-rated loudspeaker range that makes legendary NEXO engineering and performance accessible to a wider range of projects.

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The revolutionary NEXO 45N12 brings all the benefits of line array technology to stage monitoring. Incorporating a number of groundbreaking technologies, the 45N12 provides musicians, contractors and rental companies with a single, scalable solution to all their monitoring requirements

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Fixed or mobile systems? Vertical or horizontal arrays? GEO S12 presents elegant, ergonomic sound reinforcement solutions for any application, with EN54 versions certified as complying with the EN54 standards for voice alarm systems.

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The LS18 subbass cabinet brings new versatility to NEXO GEO S12 line array systems and PS Series cabinets, delivering high SPL at a relatively low cost.

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Omni or cardioid. Install or touring. NEXO draws on its ever-growing experience of low frequency sound to develop technology that further raises both the standards and application capabilities of subwoofers.

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Power & Processing

NEXO Power and Processing devices feature presets for all NEXO cabinets, making it easy to configure amplification solutions for single or mixed cabinet systems. Amplification options range from the 1U DTDAMP – ideal for smaller PS and ID Series systems – through to the mighty NXAMP and NUAR rack which provide power and processing in a convenient and scalable form factor to large, touring STM systems.

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NS-1 System Software

Available to download free of charge, NS-1 is a powerful and intuitive system configuration and simulation tool enabling NEXO users to configure and optimise the performance of any NEXO system by predicting its behaviour in any venue to ensure uniform SPL coverage.

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