Huddly S1 Video Conferencing Camera Certified for Microsoft Teams

Huddly S1 Video Conferencing Camera Certified for Microsoft Teams

Ryan Thomson |

The Huddly S1 video conferencing camera has officially obtained Microsoft Teams certification, expanding Huddly’s portfolio of Teams-certified intelligent cameras for various room sizes. With USB plug-and-play connectivity and real-time editing through Huddly Director, the Huddly S1 caters to organizations aiming to enhance hybrid team collaboration.

Certified under Microsoft Teams Room for Windows Peripheral, the wide-angle, AI-powered camera meets rigorous standards for small and medium meeting spaces. Vegard Hammer, CTO at Huddly, emphasizes the significance of Microsoft Teams certification, stating it reinforces their commitment to maintaining high communication standards. The Huddly S1 joins the lineup of Microsoft Teams-certified cameras, providing users with versatile options for different scenarios and room sizes.

The inclusion of Huddly Director in the S1 enhances video meetings in small to medium-sized rooms, employing AI technology to replicate natural communication flow and maximize participant engagement. The unique feature, inspired by TV and movie production techniques, adapts to diverse meeting scenarios, ensuring Huddly remains at the forefront of flexible and effective collaboration solutions.

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