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500-1101 Polytek Street
Ottawa, ON  K1J 0B3

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E: sales@datavisual.ca

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500-1101 Polytek St., Ottawa, ON  K1J 0B3

Tel: 613-741-9898    888-294-9889
Fax: 613-741-3747   888-294-2160

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:30pm EST

Technical Support & RMA
Email: support@datavisual.ca

DataVisual Marketing Inc

Western Canada
Dan Zimmer - (778) 837-8968 (Mobile)
Regional Sales Manager
E: dan@datavisual.ca

Dwaine Ruf - (780) 994-3835 (Mobile)
Business Development Manager
E: druf@datavisual.ca

Andrea Lannin - (613) 859-5483 (Mobile)
Regional Sales Manager
E: andrea@datavisual.ca

Jeremy Power - (416) 797-8970 (Mobile)
Regional Sales Representative
E: jpower@datavisual.ca

Vanessa Vandecatseye - (613) 850-0573 (Mobile)
Regional Sales Manager
E: vee@datavisual.ca

Quebec & Maritimes
Stephane Paquette - (514)978-8968 (Mobile)
Regional Sales Manager
E: stephane@datavisual.ca

Kendra Hanson
- (905) 299-3406 (Mobile)
National Sales Manager, IT Channel
E: KHanson@datavisual.ca

Mark Gareau -
Business Development Manager, Education
E: mark@datavisual.ca

Sales Staff

General Manager
Benoit Kislich-Lemyre E: ben@datavisual.ca

Vice President
Lisa Kislich-Lemyre E: lisa@datavisual.ca

Business Development
Henry Kislich E: henry@datavisual.ca

Operations Manager
Vanessa Moriarity E: vanessa@datavisual.ca

Accounting Manager
Monica Mersereau E: monica@datavisual.ca

Accounts Receivable
Margaret Stephens E:

Marketing Manager
Johanna Ashton E: jashton@datavisual.ca

Technical Sales
Paul Lemyre E: paul@datavisual.ca
Warren Arsenault E: warsenault@datavisual.ca

Inside Sales
Edward Kislich E: edward@datavisual.ca
Ryan Prot E: ryan@datavisual.ca
Inside Sales - Western Canada
Janice Ruf E: janice@datavisual.ca

Order Desk
Krystel Hardy  E: krystel@datavisual.ca

Erik Dumont E: edumont@datavisual.ca
Matthew Barr E: mbarr@datavisual.ca
Candice Campo E: ccampo@datavisual.ca

Shipping Manager
Clement Lemyre E: clem@datavisual.ca

James Moriarity E: james@datavisual.ca

Corporate Office Staff